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PITMASTER ALEJANDRO BARBOSA, is a lifelong lover of fire & meats. Alex has worked tirelessly since 2015 to bring honest barbeque to the people around him. Barbosa’s hardcore following can be attributed to his constant dedication to the craft of live fire barbeque – from spending the day splitting wood, to staying up all night to tend to the fire for his catering clients, it is well known that he takes his smoked meat seriously. Barbeque enthusiasts have been devoted to his pop-ups since day one, patiently waiting in long lines to get a plate of his expertly smoked USDA prime beef brisket, beef cheek barbacoa, caramelized pork belly bahn mi, & red chile brisket enchiladas. 


Alex was born and raised in South Texas, in the city of Victoria, TX. He moved to Baton Rouge at 22 after graduating from Texas A&M to start his professional life. After a couple of years of working in healthcare and not eating barbeque, he noticed there wasn’t anyone doing craft barbeque in town, so he decided to buy an offset smoker for his 24th birthday. That’s when the flame was reignited and he started hosting parties in his backyard and feeding his guests. He was having a lot of fun, but also experimenting with different smoking and cooking techniques, getting real time feedback. After doing private catering for small parties in 2015, he decided to officially start his business full time in January of 2016.



With the help of his two friends/New Orleans restauranteurs, Lon Marchand + Nick Hufft, Alex was able to blast his concept off in Baton Rouge for about 4 years. It was not long after he started that Alex became the talk of the town & Baton Rouge’s barbecue scene. Barbosa’s Barbeque is also featured on Man Fire Food season 8. He also made his name as a well-known staple at The Baton Rouge Blues Festival and also The Ride Festival in Telluride, CO with his festival appearances growing more and more each year. As a musician & festivarian, Alex loves nothing more than being able to vend his craft barbeque and festivals around Colorado. 


In December 2019, Alex packed up his dog, smoker, mandolin, and moved to Denver with his girlfriend, Cay, to bring his unique styles of Barbosa’s Barbeque to the Mile High City & the rest of Colorado. 

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